Harp Lessons

Anyone regardless of age can learn to play the harp so long as he or she has the interest and is willing to spend some time practicing to achieve progress and the satisfaction of being able to produce beautiful angelic sounds.

Students can choose to learn the lever harp ( folk harp ) or the pedal harp ( orchestra harp ).

Correct sitting and hand position, fingering and plucking techniques will be emphasized at the beginning to develop a sound technique and good tone production.

For students aiming to pass harp exams, classical pieces will be the main focus. For those wishing to play the harp for enjoyment and personal satisfaction, lessons can be customized to suit musical preferences and rate of learning. I can arrange classical, popular, folk, Chinese or Christian songs upon request according to the student's level of technique.

Lessons can be arranged on an adhoc or monthly basis ( 4 lessons per month ) at my home, near Serangoon MRT Station.

For enquiries on rates for 30-minute, 45-minute or 60 minute lessons, kindly email.

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